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Organisation Overview

Mudmap now supports to concept of Organisations. This means multiple user accounts can be linked to a single entity, the organisation. More simply, devices can be managed by multiple users as long as they belong to the same organisation.

How does it work?

When a user signs up for Mudmap an organisation is created, and they are then assigned to it. The first user becomes the account owner and can add additional users to their organisation.

All users within the organisation can manage the devices within. Only account owners can manage access to the organisation, and the billing functions.


Organisation owners can update the name, add or remove users and update payment details.

Updating the organisation name

If you are the account owner, updating the name is as simple as navigating to the Organisation tab and click Update in the Name row.

Organisation change name


There are some limitations:

  • Users must have a valid account within Mudmap before they can be assigned to an existing organisation
  • Only owners can add or remove users
  • Billing and payment data can only be managed by the account owner
  • Permissions per user, or by user type are in development.
  • Only owner and user account types exist - if you need more owners in the organisation please get in contact.