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Organisation Membership Management

As an account owner you can add additional users to your organisation. This gives more users oversight and shares the responsibility across more of your team. This page discusses how the process works and explains the steps required to get started. Removing existing users is covered here as well.

The Process

To add additional users to your organisation, the account owner must first invite them through email. After entering the users email into Mudmap's invitation dialog, an automated email is sent to that address with joining instructions. Most importantly, their registration token is sent with that email.

Once the user receives that email they must then enter it into the user settings page by clicking on the Change Membership button. The user must then present the token from their email, and if valid and if the token is not expired, they will be automatically added to the organisation.

Users do not need a valid Mudmap account prior to being invited by the account owner.

Successfully registered users are sent a welcome email and account owners are notified that the user joined the organisation.

Inviting users

To add new users to your organisation, navigate to the Organisation tab inside the Settings page.

Clicking the Invite Member button will open a modal where you can enter the email of the user you wish to invite.

Organisation invite user

That user will be sent an email with instructions on how to register with the organisation, and the registration token. The email will look something like this.

Organisation invite user email

Registering with an organisation

Once a user has received the invitation email and signed up for Mudmap they can complete the process to join the organisation.

From the Mudmap user settings page, click the Change Membership button to launch the registration modal.

Entering the token into the modal and clicking Invite will the complete the process and transfer that user to the organisation.

Organisation invite user email

Note that existing devices belonging to that user are not transferred across. If that user has devices that they wish to be transferred, they must delete them and re-register them with the new organisation.

Viewing Membership

As an account owner, it is possible to both add and remove users. Only account owners can see other members.

To see all your organisations members, naviagate to the Membership tab inside the Settings page. A table similar to below should be visible.

Organisation user membership table

This table presents information about each user, and allows for the removal of accounts which are no longer needed.

Deleting Members

To delete a member of the organisation, navigate to the Membership tab inside the Settings page. Clicking on the Delete button will prompt the user that this action is final. Once approved this user will immediately lose access to the organisation.

Account owners cannot delete themselves, either intentionally or be accident.