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Payment information

Mudmap now uses Stripe as its payment gateway. This means that all payment information such as credit card details are kept with Stripe. No one at Mudmap can access or see your financial data. We can see when you're renewal is coming and other payment specific data such as expiring cards.

After subscribing, you're nominated account will be charged according to the number of active devices in use on the account. The payment schedule starts on the day you begin the subscription. Each additional device is charged on that day - not at time of activation. This is done to make your reconciliation easier.


Mudmap is a per-seat pricing model. Each activated device - meaning you've connected your device to Mudmap's servers and are now able to send and receive data - will be added to your monthly charge. Devices which are removed from your account are deducted from the monthly amount. Pricing is prorated - you'll only pay for the portion of the month you used once a device is removed.

The pricing is graduated on the following schedule, per-month.

Number of DevicesCost per Device (USD)
1 - 25$6
26 - 75$5.5
76 - 150$5
151 +$4.5

I have a payment issue

If you have a dispute, issue or query, the point of contact should be the contact page.