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pfSense+, pfSenseCE and Mudmap


Mudmap will now only support pfSense Community Edition

pfSense+ is coming to Mudmap

A pfSense Plus capable Mudmap is in development. No release date has been set but check back often to see any announcements. Until then consider this page still in effect.

After extensive investigation and developer testing, I have made the decision to suspend support for all pfSense+ devices going forward.

This is not a decision I have taken lightly but out of an abundance of caution.

Netgate's decision to split pfSense into an open and closed source model, while good, has created an "arms race" for applications such as Mudmap. Any updates delivered by pfSense could break Mudmap, or worse, cause issues on the device itself. This is an unacceptable risk to you.

Simply put, changes to the closed source product (pfSense+) mean it is not easy to create a consistent and safe API for production use.

Due to this, I am now deeming Mudmap and pfSense+ incompatible owing to the potential disruption it may cause your hardware or software pfSense clients. I will not produce a product that could cause loss of productivity or worse for a device as critical as your firewall.

Where to from here?

Mudmap continues to support pfSenseCE. The open-source nature of CE means updates to pfSense are easier to integrated into Mudmap.

For pfSense+, I will continue to monitor its development. Netgate is going to release a rewrite of pfSense in Golang with a new user interface. This will include an API, likely modelled off the already in production TNSR product. I eagerly await this, and will be rapidly adapting Mudmap to fit this new API.

Until then, Mudmap will only be able to provide central management for pfSense Community Edition.

Thanks for your understanding,