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Devices cannot be registered with Mudmap until there is a valid subscription in place. This section covers how to create the subscription, manage, cancel, and pricing structure.


Mudmap is priced per seat, or rather, pay-for-what-you-use keeping your costs down.

Each device that has successfully been registered with Mudmap will be charged at $6 per month. Newly added devices will be calculated daily and at the end of the month will be automatically charged to the account.

For instance, if an account registers and connects one device during that month, the account will be debited $6 at month end.

If an account connects 5 devices, that account will be charged 5 x $6, for a total of $30 for that month.

On the next month if the 5 is reduced to 3, the next month's bill will now be 3 x $6 equaling $18 dollars.

Subscription Setup#

Registering the first device will trigger a payment window, prompting the user to sign up for a monthly subscription.

Paddle is responsible for all payments and subscriptions when using Mudmap.

During the subscription process the email provided during account registration will be used as your unique user reference for Paddle invoices.

Subscription Management#

To Manage your account, head over to the User Profile page within Mudmap. See here for more information about the User Profile page.

Late payments#

Late payemnts are given 7 days to rectify before losing access to Mudmap's functionality.


To cancel your account navigate to the User Profile page and click cancel subscription. A Paddle window will appear with the option to cancel.

Cancellations will be honoured until the next subscription payment date. After that, Mudmap functionality will be diminished.

Accounts cancelled for longer than 60 days are queued for permanent deletion.

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